I first came to Meridi with knee pain - and left with a commitment to Pilates! She is a talented and intuitive teacher, and I always leave a session feeling strong, balanced and happy (and maybe a little taller!). Meridi brings knowledge, experience and expertise balanced with her warmth and joy to create a comfortable space. You’ll be challenged and supported…and likely become a Pilates lover.


I was suffering from chronic neck and shoulder stiffness when I took Pilates with Meridi. After several private sessions and classes, the pain disappeared. Meridi’s extensive Pilates training and P.T. knowledge provided a safe and supportive environment to get me healthier.  Through Meridi’s guidance and training, my core muscles are stronger, my posture has improved significantly and not to mention, I’m a happier, pain-free person.  


I saw Meridi prior to and post back surgery.  Her careful and calm guidance with pilates exercises and equipment helped me build core strength while waiting to get surgery, and built me back up post surgery.  My recuperation was excellent and I have no doubt that my work with her has moved things along faster that they might have been otherwise.

Meridi is a soulful, gentle being, with a brilliant knowledge of pilates and has a way of creating a space that just opens your heart while strengthening your core.  Whoever has the opportunity to work with her is extremely fortunate.  We miss her terribly here in Berkeley.


I was so happy when I discovered Meridi.  I wanted a Pilates instructor who had a background in physical therapy- this combination was ideal for repairing my knee problems that caused me great pain and walking difficulty.  What I didn't expect however, was to find someone who was so empathetic, gracious, funny, and a great listener. She's helped my body and my spirit.


When I was newly pregnant (with my third child!), and had a weakened low back, I still remember the moment I spoke with Meridi during drop off at the preschool our children attended together: I remember siting down on a bench with Meridi - she took the time out of her busy morning to tend to me - and looking into Meridi’s kind eyes.  I did not know Meridi very well at the time of our chat, but I could tell in that small conversation that she held such wisdom, strength and compassion and when she offered to start working with me to strengthen my back for the duration of my pregnancy, I felt beyond elated - and I felt hopeful about a pregnancy that I was otherwise a bit worried about.  I believe that my time with Meridi doing pilates - early on and throughout much of my pregnancy - is one of the most positive experiences I have ever had with physical fitness and health.  

Meridi is a gifted teacher whose knowledge of the human body goes far beyond your average physical therapist/[pilates teacher: The genius of Meridi is that she intuits the experience of a woman’s body in such a way as to strengthen the most essential muscles and areas of need.  I look back and feel sure that I would not have been able to get through my pregnancy with such a positive experience if it were not for Meridi.  I worked with her at least once a week for many months - and ended up delivering a beautiful baby girl.

After my sessions with Meridi I would often feel tired, but in an all-over and balanced way: I felt that she knew what areas needed help and special attention each time we worked together, always pushing me a little bit beyond my comfort zone, but in a safe and intelligent way.  I simply cannot say enough about the kindness, deep knowledge, positive energy and true professionalism of Meridi: She is a pilates instructor who changes lives with her teaching and compassion: I somehow knew from that first moment I looked into her eyes that she would change mine for the better, and i was so right!  Thank you Meridi!!!