Exercising with friends is always more fun and small group classes are a great way to learn Pilates effectively. Pilates is a strengthening work out with emphasis on the core or the "power house". I offer classes, semi-private and private training. All classes are ongoing year round. See Schedule page for current schedule.

Mat/Springboard Class 
The Springboard allows use of spring resistance to assist and /or challenge some of the Pilates exercises. We will combine this with traditional mat exercises to give you a full body workout with emphasis on core strengthening, flexibility and posture. Includes use of gym balls, foam rollers, small balls, Pilates circles, etc. All equipment provided. Max of 4 people.

Semi-Private/Duet Class
Semi-private training. This is a mixed equipment class. We will use the Pilates Reformer, Chair, Springboard, Pilates Arc,  Mat and Orbit. This is a full body workout with lots of variety. 
2 Participants

Private Session
Individualized instruction tailored to your specific needs, goals and/or injuries. Appropriate for post acute rehab, sport specific training or general fitness. This is the most effective way to get results.